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Celebrate your divorce and get a divorce certificate!

Florida divorce attorney, Mark P. Jones, explains how you can get your divorce papers approved by a judge and receive a marriage certificate to your new home.


Get married to a qualified couple in Florida, Florida has the lowest divorce rate in the nation, according to a report from the National Marriage Project.


You must provide the two spouses with at least $200,000 to file for divorce.

The couple must be unmarried and at least 24 years old.


The divorce must be approved by the judge or your local probate judge.


You can apply for a marriage license at any county courthouse.

You may have to pay a fee of $30 to apply.

If you choose to apply for your divorce in person, you must show the clerk a copy of your divorce decree and a signed, dated divorce certificate.

The clerk will issue you the marriage license.


You are required to file a “wish list” for your spouse that includes items such as: “My wife has been my best friend since I was 14 years old.”


You cannot move to a new state or to the country.

You will be required to wait one year before you can apply to divorce in another state.


You have to complete and submit your divorce petition to a judge in Florida.

You also have to sign a “statement of assets and liabilities” and pay $150.


The judge will decide if you will be granted a divorce and if the divorce is valid.

You and your spouse must give each other a signed declaration of assets, liabilities, and a letter of intent for the divorce.


The court will decide the amount of the divorce and your financial condition.


If the court grants the divorce, you will have to move to the state of Florida.


The Florida divorce laws are different than other states.

You’ll have to provide the clerk with all documents and forms required to complete the divorce paperwork.


You should receive a divorce decree within the time frame for filing the divorce petition.

The decree must be in writing and signed by the court and you must give it to the clerk.


You’re required to pay the filing fee of about $100.


If your spouse does not pay the divorce filing fee, the divorce decree will be void and the court will grant a temporary divorce decree.


If, after five years, the court decides that the divorce was valid, you can request a temporary order that will allow you to stay in the state.


If there is no permanent order, the order will be final and you can leave the state immediately.


If a divorce is granted and the judge awards you damages of $150,000, the judge will require that you give up all of your assets, including your home, cars, and other personal property.


You won’t have to do any work to move back to the states.

The only requirements are that you will return to Florida within 10 days and that you must return the documents that were issued in Florida to the Florida probate office.


You do not have to live in the same state for the marriage to be valid.


If someone else marries, your spouse cannot be removed from the state unless the court orders that it is. 21.

If an unmarried couple moves in together and the spouse divorces, the spouse may remain in the marriage and have the marriage legally recognized.