Kovamsam Times Matrimony About Gov. Mike Beebe signs Kansas marriage license bill

Gov. Mike Beebe signs Kansas marriage license bill

Kansas Gov.

Matt Bevin signed the Kansas Marriage License Bill Tuesday.

The bill was sponsored by Sen. Mike Dibben, D-Kansas City.

It makes Kansas the first state to allow same-sex couples to marry in Kansas.

KUT News has the story: Gov.

Bevin signs Kansas Marriage Licensing Bill The Kansas Legislature approved the Kansas marriage licenses bill, which would allow couples to legally marry in the state. 

“The legislature has approved legislation that provides a path forward for the state to establish a safe, legal and civil environment for couples to obtain marriage licenses, while protecting the sanctity of marriage,” Bevin said in a statement. 

The bill passed the state senate and the house of representatives, with a vote of 50-42. 

Democratic state Rep. Chris Matson, a Democrat, said he was pleased to support the bill.

“This is a good bill,” he said.

“I am proud to support this bill because it is going to be the first piece of legislation in Kansas in quite some time that allows marriage in this state.” 

The state Senate passed the bill, and it went to the full Senate for a vote on Monday. 

This is the second time the Kansas Legislature has approved same-gender marriage.

In 2012, Gov.

Sam Brownback signed a bill to allow gays and lesbians to marry and get a state-issued marriage license. 

Earlier this year, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that the state’s ban on gay marriage violated the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection under the law. 

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