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How to legally marry in Florida

Pamela Anderson, the wife of Donald Trump, said she is ready to marry her fiancé, the president, if he agrees to the same state-issued marriage certificate that Donald Trump’s lawyers say he needs to receive a divorce.

The Florida court on Friday denied Pamela Anderson’s motion to have the president issue a divorce decree.

A Florida judge earlier this week ordered Pamela Anderson to get a divorce from her husband, who she says was verbally abusive and physically abusive during their divorce proceedings.

The judge also ordered Pamela to get the papers from Donald Trump to get divorced from him, and ordered Pamela and her attorneys to give the papers to Donald Trump so he can get a judge to sign the divorce decree, according to a court filing.

In a separate filing Friday, Pamela Anderson filed a motion to intervene in the Florida case, arguing that the state’s refusal to issue a valid divorce decree is unconstitutional.

“In its current form, the Florida court order violates the U.S. Constitution’s equal protection clause, which protects individuals against arbitrary government action that would disadvantage one class of citizens from access to another,” Pamela Anderson wrote.

“The Florida Court Order is unconstitutional, and it violates the United States Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause.”

In a statement, the White House did not respond to a request for comment.

The White House issued a statement Friday saying that Donald J. Trump and his attorneys “categorically oppose the filing of this case.”

“The President’s attorneys have made it clear that they intend to vigorously defend this case and have made no secret of their willingness to work with the Florida courts to ensure the president has access to the necessary documents to complete this important and important process,” the White Newswire said.