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How to search marriage records for marriage license information

Chicago police have issued a statement saying they are “aware” of a recent posting on social media that claims to have information about a marriage license in Illinois.

The posting was shared on Monday, and it appeared to be a copy of a news release from the Illinois State Police (ISP) on Monday announcing that a marriage certificate was being issued to a man who was previously arrested for child pornography.

“The Illinois State PD is aware of the posting and is working with law enforcement officials in the Chicago area,” the ISP said.

“We are taking steps to ensure the safety and privacy of all those involved and are working with them to investigate.”

The statement said the ISP would continue to “support the privacy and security of all our individuals and information.”

The Illinois State Bar Association has called the posting “reprehensible” and said it was not appropriate for law enforcement to make any statements regarding the case.

The post, which was first reported by the Illinois Policy Review blog, did not specify whether the man had previously been arrested.

“There are no records of any arrest for the alleged crime of child pornography, nor is there any arrest history of the alleged defendant,” the post read.

“I will be releasing all information regarding this incident and have no further comment.”

Chicago police did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Newsweek.

The Illinois Policy Research blog, which previously reported on a post that claimed to have the name and address of a person who was being sought for child sex trafficking, has since been deleted from its Facebook page.