Kovamsam Times Matrimony Questions What marriage is like today, according to the latest Pew poll

What marriage is like today, according to the latest Pew poll

In the most recent Pew survey, people are much less likely to want to get married.

Just 35% of people said they would like to marry in the next five years, compared to 59% who said the same about the same time last year.

And a majority of Americans say they would be OK with a couple getting married at a later date if they felt it was appropriate.

A majority of respondents, however, still said they wouldn’t be okay with them getting married if it meant their marriage was going to be in a same-sex relationship.

The survey also asked Americans whether they wanted to marry someone of the same sex.

A plurality of people (41%) said they wanted someone of their own sex, while about a third (36%) said that they would not.

Still, the survey found that most people would want to marry the same person of the opposite sex, regardless of how it was in the past.

What’s going on in marriage?

The latest Pew survey asked respondents what they would want from a relationship in the years to come, as well as what they expect from their marriage in the future.

It found that roughly half of respondents thought marriage would improve over the next few years, with the number of people who said that marriage would be better in the coming years increasing from the previous survey.

More than three-quarters of people, though, said they expected marriage to worsen in the decades ahead.

This story has been updated to clarify that a majority in the U.S. said they were OK with someone getting married.