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What to know about marriage minded couples

The term ‘marriage minded’ is a commonly used term to describe people who are in the opposite sex.

While this is a term that can be used interchangeably with ‘mixed sex’, it does not describe every single couple that is married.

In fact, there are many different ways of describing people who want to marry, and the terms ‘marriage’ and ‘mildly mixed’ are often used interchangely.

In this article, we will be discussing the most common terms used to describe couples who are married.

While most of these terms have been around for a long time, the definition of marriage has become more and more complex.

What is ‘marriage-minded’?

‘Marriage-minded’ people are those who are happy in their marriage but have never been married before.

They are those with ‘positive attitudes’ towards their marriage and want to make it work in their life.

While some couples are in this category, many others have never married.

‘Married in the cradle’ People who are ‘married in the womb’ are people who were married before they were legally eligible to get married.

For example, a person who is in this classification would be able to get a passport and marry a relative in the future, as long as they are at least 18 years old.

‘Dormant marriage’ People are not married when they are between 18 and 25.

They would be ‘married out of wedlock’ or ‘married before they reach the legal age of majority’.

This means that they would be considered ‘unmarried’.

‘Mixed marriage’ When a couple is married, they are also considered to be in a ‘mixture’ of marriage.

The terms ‘married couple’ and the ‘married people’ are two of the most commonly used definitions of mixed marriages.

‘Mildly married’ A couple who is married and are not living together, and who are considered to have ‘positive attitude’ towards each other.

‘Non-marital’ ‘Non married’ means that both the couple and the person they are married to have never engaged in sexual activity before they married.

They may have engaged in casual sexual activity and/or have been in relationships before the couple was married.

If they have been married previously, they would qualify as ‘married non-marry’.

This is the term that has become the standard term for couples who have not engaged in sex, but have ‘moved in’ as a couple.

‘Not married’ For those who do not live together, but want to have a family, or want to be involved in a relationship, this term is used to refer to people who live together but do not have a ‘marriage’.

These people may be engaged in romantic relationships, or may be in some other type of relationship where they are not the primary focus.

‘Nomadic couple’ Nomadic couples are people whose relationship is not defined by their home or place of work.

They want to live in a different area of the country.

‘Overseas couple’ This term is often used to denote couples who live in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or elsewhere.

It can also be used to reference couples who do live in another country but do live together in the same city, state or country.

They could be in their home country or city.

‘Risk couple’ A term that refers to couples who either live together as couples or have lived together as a ‘family’ or as a group.

‘Single couple’ There are many types of couples, each of which can be described as either ‘single’ or the ‘single couple’.

They may or may not have children, and have no children themselves.

‘Spouse’ and family are used interchangeively to describe a couple who are living together.

‘Living together’ The term living together can refer to any couple who do have children together, including couples who get married or have children out of the marriage.

‘The child of a marriage’ The ‘child of a wedding’ is someone who has been married to someone else, and that person is now expecting children.

‘Widowed couple’ The word ‘widowed’ is used interchangeatively to describe anyone who is expecting to have children.

This could include people who have never had children, or couples who never married, or people who married out of necessity.

‘Children of marriage’ This is an alternative definition of ‘children of marriage’, which does not refer to a child of the wedding.

The term can be said to refer either to children of a married couple or to children who are expecting to be married to a partner.

‘Parents of children’ The phrase ‘parents of children’, however, is used when describing parents of children.

These people have been legally married to their children and would like to give birth to children with them.

‘Parenting with children’ This phrase refers to parents who have adopted their children or have had them raised by a foster parent or adoptive family.