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What’s the best way to celebrate marriage?

A couple of days ago, a gay couple celebrated their wedding with a marriage license ceremony, and now, one of them is on the verge of getting married.

According to the New York Post, the couple, who were married at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine on Friday, was told that their marriage was invalid after they were notified that they were not allowed to use a marriage ceremony that was arranged.

After the couple told the Post, they received a letter that said they had to get married before the New Year, and had to sign a document stating they would not have children.

The couple said that they had no idea how the process of getting a marriage licence would work, and that they thought the whole process was just a formality.

The New York City Council has a rule that marriage license ceremonies are only valid in New York State, but New York state’s laws are quite different than those in many other states.

The law in New Jersey requires couples to get a marriage certificate before the ceremony can take place.

According the New Jersey Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, people who get married at a hospital, college, religious institution, or religious organization must obtain a certificate.