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Which state is best for same-sex couples?

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court is weighing whether same-day marriage should be allowed nationwide after a high court decision striking down state laws limiting marriage to heterosexual couples.

The justices are weighing whether to hear a lawsuit filed by a lesbian couple who want to wed in New York City, where the state’s ban on same-year marriages is set to expire in June.

The case was brought by the New York Attorney General’s Office and the American Civil Liberties Union, as well as the National Organization for Marriage, which filed the lawsuit.

The court’s 4-3 ruling Monday was the first time same-date marriage was permitted in a U.P. state.

But the court’s decision on the New Jersey case is the most significant in years.

The high court ruling came in a lawsuit brought by lesbian couple Kristin and Susanne Schaffer.

They were seeking to marry in New Jersey, where same-age couples are allowed to marry.

The two argued the state law that allowed same-night marriages was unconstitutional because it discriminated against same-gender couples.

In their suit, the couple said New Jersey law discriminates against them by excluding them from marriages performed before July 1.

The U.B.J., which represents the couple, said it believes the court will uphold New Jersey’s marriage ban.

“The court is reviewing the case and will make a final decision shortly,” said Michael Goldstein, an attorney for the organization.

Gay couples in New England and elsewhere have been allowed to wed after a state ban was struck down last year by the Supreme Court, with one federal appeals court ruling in favor of same-same marriages.

The court will hear arguments on same day marriage in November.

New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie (R) has said he supports same-days marriage but said his office would not allow same- or same-parent marriages in the state.