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Which states have the highest number of marriage tattoos?

News24 – 5 May 2018 | 14:06:46In the past few months, more than 20,000 marriage tattoos have been found in Virginia. 

These are the states that had the most marriage tattoos, according to a study conducted by the National Institute of Justice.

The study found that, on average, 1,638 marriages were recorded in Virginia in the first 10 months of 2018.

The state also had the highest rate of tattoos: 13.9 per 1,000 marriages.

The study, which was published in the journal Sex Roles, also found that there was a statistically significant correlation between marriage tattoos and whether or not a woman was married.

If a woman had one, she had a higher chance of having a tattoo on her right arm.

If she had two, she was almost twice as likely to have a tattoo.

In addition, the tattoos are not visible on the body.

When it comes to the types of tattoos women have, the study found a statistically higher risk of having two tattoos.

Women who had two tattoos on their arm had a significantly higher rate of pregnancy termination compared to those who only had one tattoo. 

Women who also had two or more tattoos on the arm were also more likely to experience postpartum depression.

Although a majority of Virginia’s marriage tattoos were for heterosexual couples, the report found that black and Hispanic women were more likely than white women to have tattoos on both their arms.

This is the second year that Virginia has recorded more than 1,600 marriage tattoos. 

The National Institute for Justice has also conducted a study of marriage and divorce records from the state of Virginia.

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