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How to apply for Louisiana marriage license

Louisa, Louisiana (4ABC/AP) – A married couple in Louisiana are hoping to apply to the state for a marriage license this month after their marriage was suspended due to a lack of state-issued documents.

The couple, who are named as Joe and Melissa, are a lesbian couple and a lesbian dating agency.

They say they have been denied a marriage licence by the state.

They told FourFourSeconds that the couple’s marriage license was denied for a variety of reasons, including not being registered as a partnership.

They said the couple is a lesbian, which the state considers a relationship.

They were told by the Department of Family and Children Services that the state has a rule that a couple can’t have two partners if they are married, and they would be unable to get married in Louisiana.

The state Department of Public Safety said in a statement they would not be making any additional comment at this time.

The pair says they are asking that Louisiana make it easier for them to apply by issuing them with a “formal license” or “license,” which they can apply for online.

A spokesperson for the Department said in an email that the department is working with the couple to resolve their issue.