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What is a divorce in Virginia?

VIRGINIA — What is an annulment?

What does it mean?

And how long can you stay married?

For the past three decades, Virginians have been able to file for divorce without a lawyer.

But a recent law that was signed into law by Governor Robert F. McDonnell last year made it easier to get a divorce without the help of a lawyer in Virginia.

A divorce is typically done through a court-ordered mediation session between the parties, with both parties having to sign the agreement.

Under McDonnell’s law, you can file a divorce if you have lived in Virginia for at least five years.

If you don’t live in Virginia and want to file a separation petition, you have to meet one of two requirements: You must have lived with your spouse in Virginia or have had a spouse who lived with you in Virginia when you filed for divorce.

You can’t file a separate petition if your spouse hasn’t lived in the state for five years, but if you lived in Maryland, Pennsylvania or Delaware when you signed a separation agreement, you may qualify.

There are some legal hurdles to obtaining a divorce.

Your petition must be filed with the clerk of the circuit court in Virginia, which may take weeks or even months.

And there is a $100 filing fee, which can be costly for some couples.

However, there are several ways you can get a legal divorce in the United States:The Virginia divorce process is different than the one in Maryland and Pennsylvania, where a judge handles the matter.

For a Virginia divorce, both parties must live in the same household.

But Virginia doesn’t have a separation of property statute, so if one party moves out of the house or leaves the state, the other spouse can claim the property in bankruptcy.

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